Saturday, 25 March 2017

Under the paw!

Hmm, what to do about peep?

An educated Princess such as myself needs to keep abreast of the times, all the goings on this wonderful world of ours. That of course is why I do the Sunday selfies, to get out and about, to meet folk and have a fun chat.

You all must know what it's like, being a working EX mom, a Palace to run, and mice to chase. There just isn't the time to have a peep under ones feet.

So what are the options for us working girls and boys?  And before anyone yells, I don't mean THAT sort of a working girl, no ma'am, I may be a lady of the night but as sure as cream is tasty, I do not advocate that sort of stuff. Spay neuter is the way. Purrs

OK, for us ladies gentlecats and princesses that work, there seem to be a few options available for the peep beset household.

Firstly there is peep daycare centres. Now these can come in various shapes and sizes to meet most households/palaceholds. I personally think 5 days a week, seventeen hours a day full time (or part time at 12 hours a day) is a great option. You get the benefit of them being at home for cuddles and the peep stuff like shopping, and trips to see the feline consultant, and also that premium time to yourself to pamper primp and preen.

However finding the right daycare centre is difficult. It seems these days that there are too few places for the gifted peeps that we have, as indeed any peep that shares their lives with a feline, or in deed canine, has to have a lot about them and demonstrates a fair degree of integrity and devotion. Getting into these establishments may therefore entail a lot of searching, and possibly home schooling to bring peeps up to the required standard.

Alas I have noted a new trend towards having peeps on an 'as and when basis', picking only those that are best and least likely to need extra feeding or assistance. Which to my mind is grossly unfair on us and our dear peeps as we can make have no hard and fast arrangements for naps and holidays, not to mention allowances for funds for meals and what not.

Educating your peep.....

The next option is to send peeps away to boarding school. This can be hazardous for those felines wishing to stay at home as sometimes we have to go with the peep, and occasionally this means a trip abroad! Now I don't know about you folk, but spending time in quarantine is not high on my list, so a word to the wise, check the small print before you take this option. Mouses!

Now, last of all I can offer the combination deal, which is where your peep is employed doing schooling at home for part of the day whilst tending for your needs the rest.

This can be very good for some peeps, and especially desirable for those peeps that have reached that certain age where they are ineligible for day care.

However what you must be aware of with this option is that you will sometimes have to supply a separate work area. Whilst this in itself is oft quite doable, these areas can end up mighty cluttered and peeps have and do, end up spending hours beyond what is due doing their homework, when they should be with you.

Detention in this environment isn't really practical, so you have to be the feline that is prepared to be flexible and find suitable punishments for these transgressions of the timetable. One great example is to plonk oneself on the said homework, and or leave paw prints over various receipts. And whilst the classic of shredding documents is to be applauded though this plays havoc with the claws and not to be undertaken lightly.

Do not attempt to eat said homework, as very few peeps will actually believe this is possible for a feline. Our doggy pals in the same situation will, I'm sure, have further suggestions on the matter. Purrs

OK so there are my three choices. To summaries, firstly send your peep out to work to earn the readies to keep you in the custom to which you are accustomed. Secondly consider sending them to be diplomats, or join the armed forces. And thirdly, having them working from home.

For me, I think I will take option one with a reserve on option three. But that depends on how annoying... er... how... hmm now there's a point. How does one measure annoyingness?

On the slide.....

Is there a sliding scale for such things?

And there's another thing, is it called a sliding scale because some peep slipped over on the pavement, but didn't go as far as their neighbour so couldn't claim as much on the insurance?

I mean that sure would be annoying, especially if you didn't have an inherent natural poise and four paw drive. Purrs

Though maybe not as annoying as, for example, going to the mouse hole and finding you ate the last mouse the previous week and never restocked! or finding some peep, mentioning no names, left the lid off the cream bowl and finding it had turned to jello in the fridge. Mouses!

Anyways, what is certain is that a happy and busy peep is one that is... er... a busy and happy peep! AND one that isn't under your paw!

 OK they do need to be under your paw in one sense, but definitely not under paw in the trying to help but singularly failing, flailing, screaming, tripping over, falling into off or through things, sense. Mouses!

Wow, I just love having pals around for a chat and a cream and nip tea, but it looks like my other guest, from the Adoption Agency, has just turned up to do a home assessment and make sure this wasn't a broken home, or Palace. I mean, who knew I'd have all these forms to fill in just to get peep adopted?

I just hope they're not going to inspect the plumbing. Mouses!

                                              ~~~~~~~~ La Fin ~~~~~~~~

It's Sunday Selfie time!

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This weeks selfie is an unashamed nap. 

Yup sometimes you just have to take one. I'd been attending the great #SCIFIpawty Charity Fund Raiser hosted on Twitter by @Boris Kitty and the space lag caught up with me. 

Well that and chasing space mice in Zero G!

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