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A Selfie & The Silken Pouch.

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This weeks selfie was a rare shot of late Autumn sun that gave us temperatures that soared to about 12c. As welcome as the warmth was, it did bring out the midges that seem to inhabit the Palace grounds, and the secretary spent many unhappy hours trying to TNR them. I do wonder about my secretary's sanity, me, I'd have just eaten them MOL

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And now, our weekly adventure of love and romance, on and off the high seas, continues with:


The Silken Pouch.

The squeals of pain that cleaved the night of that most unholy of storms, travelled many leagues. Wailing children stopped and brawlers fell silent. Even livestock fell silent and lay shaking on the ground. So frightening was it that centuries later villagers spoke of it as "the night the storm was killed."

The pain of the beast was so deafening that Erin's ears became numb and she could no longer hear the rain or her own heart. On the verge of giving up, she went limp and shut her eyes. Then with a thud she lay on the ground gasping to regain both her breath, and wits. Beside her now lay a twitching but severed length of the kraken's tentacle.

In her mind she heard a voice, "Get up Princess. It is I your driver, Prince Marvelous at your service, but can call me Marv. Make haste and use the gifts from your lover, the Count Prince Von Valentino, in the pouch around your neck."

Looking up, Erin expected to see the sinister hooded figure of her driver. Instead, her eyes now met the radiant youthful face of the Persian tabby prince, Marvelous. He had shed the black drivers cloak when he fell, and whilst he still had no boots he definitely was not limp. In his hands were a pair of mighty Arabian scimitar, each dripping slime and inky blood of the severed limb by Erin's side.

Seeing her confusion, he said "telepathy is a wonderful thing Princess Erin, and less hassle in the
wind or in times of battle. Now make haste and use the gift of the black pearl in that pouch around your neck. Sprinkle with some Premium Powdered Canadian Nip and it will reveal all you need to know. Make haste I say, and get into the carriage and do what's needed!"

No sooner than she'd heard, the kraken came forth with such an almighty flailing of it's limbs that it cleft branches and rent trees from their roots. Marvelous once more swept into action and the mighty curved blade silently slashed through the air, creating shards of rain with each loop or arc as it parried off the beasts attack.

Erin knew an opportunity when she saw it, but Marv's words confused her as the parchment contained no extra writing that she had seen. Still, she wasted no time and clambered into the carriage and pulled the pouch from around her neck.

The small stone therein was indeed a pearl, of the deepest and softest black. How apt, she thought, as it was so like her beloved. Turning to the parchment once more, she scanned for any clue about how she could escape, but there was nothing extra to be seen.

She struck a match and held it behind the yellowed parchment, but there was still no hidden watermark, code or text. Then as if in response to her doubt, Erin heard Marv's voice saying "Use the nip. Use the nip but be ready to flee as I can't hold off this beast much longer!"

Reaching into her inner pocket, Erin extracted and opened a small mouse skin pouch, and lifted it to her nose. There was the distinct aroma of nip, not just any nip, but a gift from Premier Seville. This nip was from his very special reserve batch, medicinal he said, to help the monotony of the passage home to England.

But this was not the time to dally on nasal delights. The battle outside was raging, and the brave Prince was in a tight spot and no mistake, and all to save her life.

Sprinkling the fine green powder onto the parchment, Erin held her breath in exception of what might come to pass. The parchment warmed to her touch, and without further ado, words appeared on the page as though the writer was actually writing them as she looked on. Her heart quickened as she read the words out loud, for she recognised Valentines paw. 

"My dearest Princess. If you are reading this then things must indeed be bad. Take heart, dearest, my good friends and associates Long Tom Silver, and the young Prince Marvelous have acted with speed stealth and cunning to secure you this gift, the black pearl the thread, and thus I pray safe passage too.

The black pearl holds deep magic and will bring you to me. But hearken, if it comes into the paws of evil it will turn to dust and be forever lost.

Place the pearl in your left paw and then place beside it a strand of the red silken thread from my sash, which is within the pouch. Then tap the pearl four times with your right paw and set them both down on the ground. If the earth beneath thy feet is good and true, it will spin counterclockwise and then, when it stops, it will burn a ruby red.

But be ready to follow as it will take off leaving a light stream, like a comets tail of red light for you to follow. But stay close for, like the comet, it burns bright for only few moments as it moves swiftly along paths less travelled, a detour if you will, but always on towards it's goal.

Time is precious my sweet, so move fast and come to me, sooner rather than late. Look for signs and follow the white rabbit wherever he may lead you.

Sealed with a kiss and a teardrop. Your loving V."

Erin placed the folded parchment and floof back into pouch, but not before given the floof one last gentle nuzzle. Then, with paw clasped around the thread and the pearl, she jumped out into the dark and stormy night.

The wind outside hadn't seemed severe whilst she was in the carriage, but outside the weather was no less a manifestation of evil than the kraken itself. Valiantly Prince Marvelous fended off the great beast, slashing whenever tentacles came near and inflicting wounds that no mortal beast should have been able to survive. Turning in recognition of her presence, he gave her a salute and, with a flourish, fended off another tentacle that had tried to sneak upon him.

"Fear not Princess," he said into her mind "this beast will not better me. Get about thy escape for whilst this monster lives none other shall come to take it's place."

Erin nodded and said "yes" in her own mind as she tapped the black stone and placed it and the thread onto the ground. It started to spin, then faltered. Then it started again and this time completed its four turns and began to glow. The intensity grew and as it did, it begin to pulse and in so doing drew in Erin's gaze and looked into her soul. Seeing only good and love in her heart gave the stone the connection it needed to begin it's flight to Valentino.

Drawn to the presence of magic, the kraken launched a tentacle directly at her, as though it knew to touch the stone would be the end of her hope. But whilst the slimy limb fell short of its goal it caused a wave of water to erupt on to the horses who, having stood transfixed, now awoke to battle and monster before them.

Blind panic took three of the four, who reared and bucked till the harness and shafts between them finally ripped and shattered, and then all but the lead stallion took flight. He stood tall and defiant of the beast, lashing out front and rear to fend off it's advances. Then, pounding the ground with such ferocity as to make the very surface seemed to boil, he caught Erin's attention.

Realising the stallion was in fact her ride to freedom, she looked to the stone. The once black pearl now shone a ruby red, and so bright the muddy water around it turned an oxblood hew. As it spun it grew in size and the water around started to foam. Then, with an electric like pop and crackle, it flew off along the track, skimming the torrid water with the ease of a stone across a still pond.

The stallion reared and made to go after it. Without a second thought Erin launched at the traces from the harness that now lay flapping across it's flank, and hung on for dear life as the steed, feeling her impact on its quarters bucked and bolted after the orb and the steamy red vapour trail it was leaving into the night...

The smooth oily and wet surface of the traces was no match for her claws and so she dug in deep with all four paws. Her thoughts turned to her saviour, the young Prince Marv, that she'd left behind.

Instantly he came into her mind, and allayed her fears. "Fear for me not' he said, "all is well and whilst I have lost my boots I am neither hurt or at risk. That fell beast has not been bettered but on seeing you make good your escape is gone back into the river from whence it came. But I fear it may well still have plans for you so stay safe Princess and we will meet again soon. I venture now to see Valentino by circuitous route and then home to my family in Canada."

Despite the speed and bumps Erin managed to share her thoughts of thanks and well wishes with Marv. They continued to talk, to think, as she flew ever onwards, his voice reassuring and kind. But as the distance between increased so their connection faded until finally she heard no more. The stallions now steady pace, and rhythmic breathing became her comfort and hope. She let it encapsulate her and warm her as they followed orb on it's uncharted path into the night.

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