Monday, 23 January 2017

Happy Blogoversary! Two years old today!


Quick, look at this here calendar and tell what date it is.

Whats that?

Well, I know it's Monday, you ninny, what day is it actually as in the date!

Thats right, it's the twenty-third day of the month of January in the year of 2017. 

And what is special, dear peep, with this day?


No, it's not that there are eight more days of the month left. Mouses!

Do I really have to do ALL the work here? No don't answer that, best I do this else this part of the conversation could go on and on and on and.....

Whats that peepers, I'm Waffling, you say? 

Well I don't truly see that you can compare me to that fine pal of ours called Waffles, of Waffles and Katie fame over at the GLOGIRLY blog, who was the winner in last years Nose to Nose Best Pet Humour awards. You know those awards you were nominated for and chickened out of going to on account of being petrified of flying! 

Anyways, for starters I'm sure Waffles has never been accused of waffling though, if anyone had the right I'm sure he would, yup the name says he could. Next up he is a HE and thirdly he is Ginger and I ,a TUX. All pretty important facts I can tell you, which I do. purrs

Whats that?

Whats all that got to do with waffling? Hmm I can see that I will just have to take you aside and give you a good long chat about this.....

Now before I do, I need to tell all our readers something, something YOU, peep ol'feather brained one have forgotten...

NO, it's not my birthday, that was Christmas day. MOUSES! Whats a girl gotta do around this Palace, I really do think Waffles and you should maybe have a meeting someday. purrs

Look, today is my Blogoversary! Yup two years ago today I walked out of the shadows and onto the worldwide web, worldwide stage, and became a blogger of International fame. It hasn't been easy, no ma'am, but we have kept going and this wonderful community we found, called the Blogosphere, is now our home. Well second home outside of the Palace, but don't say anything to the local Council as they will want to charge us extra taxes for having two homes. MOUSES!

In celebration of this second year, I thought from today and each week on a Wednesday, I would share our journey starting with our very first ever blog post from 23rd January 2015, called "Well Here I am..." I hope you will enjoy. PS we didn't have pictures in those early days so I have added a few recent ones just for flavour. purrs

 Well Here I am...

Well here I am... well here I am in mind & image but not actually in body! That would be spreading me far too thin & definitely cut down on the mousing duties & Cream tasting.

    Introductions? well I'm me and you're you. That seems to clear that up & definitely easier than my etikitty book said. What? its not! oh ok, apparently that's not how to do it (I hate back sofa bloggers!) & I need to actually name names! ok this may take some time as I'm going to have to say hello to all of you! What? oh ok, apparently that's not all of each of you individually, just all of each of you together...hmm...OK here goes:-

    Hello all of You together, my name is Erin the Cat Princess. The Princess is optional but I kinda like to have it around. Its a bit like having your mum around when you're a kitten, don't always need or want her there but nice to know she'll chase away Tom from the next yard or sort out the siblings at play time! Princess I here you say? Surely not! Well I'm fairly surely sure I am. When we were born my mum said we had a Royal room and lived in the Princes suite. It even had Princes decorated on the walls! Now when I was adopted off the streets they knew straight away who I was and called me Little Princess, (quality shows) then my peep called me Erin the Princess, so I'm fairly surely sure the peeps got it right. Though my peep does seem confused at times and/or has a very short memory as he also calls me a few names that quite frankly, for a lady with a social standing, are just too embarrassing but I wont go into that just now, or indeed later!

    Now as to this blog thing, I can definitely say I've never done this kind of thing before, mainly I suppose because I've never had access to a lap pot before. Wondrous things lap pots, full of images of cream & recipes and mices and loads of places all with cream! I just get my peep to switch on & aways you goes. Yep a world of Cream and Mouses at my paw and yes, other friendly feline faces!

    As this is a 1 cat town, well house, well set of rooms to be exact, things can be a bit quiet between naps so I took to "surfing the web". This stuck me as being a fraught occupation for the spiders involved who must get washed away, nay drowned in alarming numbers. It also seems such a long way away from the good old days of them playing in the bath plughole. Probably reflects changes to society as a whole and a more care free attitude to living! Anyway I digress, this surfing is thankfully a lot less wet than the name suggests, and also (and disappointingly) has a lot less fishes than I thought, in fact none! But then, as peep pointed out, it isn't called "fishing" so I suppose I cant complain on the basis of miss description, whoever she may be?

    Anyway back to this Blog. Having mastered the keyboard art by watching my peep tweet and twitter, and for clarity he sounds nothing like any sparrow I've had for lunch, sorry had to lunch, it was a short nap then out with the claws, a pile of treats, cream dip and off I went. My mum always said "keep your claws clean & sharp & there is nowhere you wont be able to go!" Not sure if she was referring to surfing on lap pots or climbing curtains, but its true. Granted I initially found some difficulty with the mouse, but there's nothing I cant do to a mouse, sorry, do with a mouse especially if there is a long tail to hold it by. But all said & I do preferred the keys and that little touch pad thingy, which I had assumed was somewhere to put the treats in, until one day I discovered I had moved from images of Cream to a scantily clad bald peep called Mr G handi.

   My first forays into the web were, it has to be said, more than disappointing. I did however quickly discover that I'd been looking at the list of files in the lap pot, and should have used a search engine thingy (something akin to a mechanical blood hound I assume, but less smelly!) to do the hunting for me. Not being put off by this hiccup I resumed my search (after a short nap) with more vigour and soon discovered the joys of on line everything! Yes, peeps can see everything surfing the web, but I was surprised to discover how the priorities of peeps seem so far removed from the better things in life! mousing, sparrow dressing. The assessment of creameries did not figure in the top hits and the cultivation of Nip was completely absent! 

   It is true I have no concept of money (I am a cat after all) nor have I any pockets to carry it in if I had a concept of it, and needed somewhere to put it and the concept the concept of it in! boy that's confusing, I'm only a cat you know! Anyhow, lured in by the bright lights an prospect of easy pickings, I thought that I'd struck it lucky when I found a pal that pays for you! Imagine my delight at this new friendship which, whilst not accompanied by treats offered so much more. Frankly it seemed far too good an opportunity to miss, so I, my new Pal and this basket went off shopping up the Amazon! and I did what any respectable girl would do, I loaded said basket with all the goodies that I could spend an evening or nine with. They were essentials of course, single cream, double cream (which strangely comes in the same size pot as the single cream, bit of a con that I feel) Jersey Cream, whipped and clotted cream, treats, cheese & Nip! In fact more of everything nice than you could wave a wand at!

    This would all have gone well if not for one BIG fly in the bowl of cream as it were, namely "Money"! or precisely my lack of "Money"! My new pal that pays got me to the check out then did a runner saying that I had no password, so I couldn't buy anything! Shock horror and near embarrassment of it all, left in the lurch (again) with no means of payment!  I was just checking for a Security Guard, to see if I could maybe salvage the situation and nab the Nip & do a runner, when peep came in. Judging by peeps reaction, its fair to say that the web can be a very dangerous place, least ways that's what peep said (or a near and polite approximation of what he said) when he saw my (read as "his") Amazon basket! Mort Gages were mentioned as well as fishing, though I failed to see how or why some piscean might have an interest in my Nip!

    Net (pardon the pun) result of all of this was a lot of huffing puffing but really no damage for the peep. There was however a massive absence of cream, of any type or any Nip. Also my time for surfing with the spiders, should there be any left to surf, has been greatly curtailed, hopefully not like the Manx relatives! I wonder what was in their Amazon basket?

The End, and also the beginning!