Friday, 2 December 2016

A day off...


Um, hello?

Excuse me....

I'm talking to you. YOU!

Now look, I really must insist that you pay attention and....


Where you going? I've not finished with....



****** Some time later *******

Ah-ha! so there you are. I've been looking for you ever since....



Hmm not sure when we last met exactly, and to be fair maybe it wasn't you I met. Heck you all look pretty much the same to me, unless you happen to be fat or thin, or dark or light.....

Anyways assuming you're the one I spoke to earlier, at some point, I want a word with you. Mind you if I didn't see you earlier then this probably isn't the best of introductions. In fact I may well be coming across as quite rude, which this this princess most certainly isn't. purrs

OK to give you the benefit of the doubt, lets just suppose that I, we, never met, OK?

Right. Now I'll just pop myself down here, out of sight, and if you do likewise, we can just sort of bump into each other in a non contrived, contrived fashion. Then we can take it from there, OK?



Why hello, I'm ER.....

Er, where have you gone?

Come back will you, I've not even got me best paw shake out! MOUSES! Some folk, huh, no sense of adventure or respect. You'd almost think they just didn't like Princesses!

I wonder if it was something I said? I don't smell, well not in that way, and I did wash this morning, thrice in fact, between naps, though I may have missed a bit under my chin.  But as I see it, that and the top of my head are areas that peeps should be taking care of, after all those are the areas they love to scratch and tickle so stands to reason peeps can give them a lick whilst they're there. purrs

****** Some time, and a bit, later ******

Hum de tum de tum de.... OOOH! I think I see some of my neighbours over yonder. Yup, looks like Minnie and her family of 34 Wood Pile Close.

I sure don't want them to get worried and think this is an official visit, so I'll just wander over to this here hedge and wait for her to pass by, then I can act all surprised, and have a nice chat. Maybe chat about the cost of cheese, and the latest edition of Mouse and Mousehole Magazine, which I understand has a great article this month on skirting board design. purrs

****** Much twiddling of paws later ******

Hmm, seems like they didn't come this way after all. Mouses!

What has a princess to do to meet folk around here? I mean I'm not a monster in an pink (non) ivory tower, and I do like to let my hair down. OK maybe not in the Rapunzel sense, I'm not that sort of Princess, being a short haired TUX, but I do have a great sense of humour, which peep can be heard attesting to, regularly, even at 2AM!

Seems like it's going to be one of those days. Usually folks are two a penny, but today they are like London buses; never one when you want one, then three come altogether but don't want to stop. Mouses!

All I want is to press the flesh and make a few new pals. It's great to get back to ones roots, well tree roots that is, and chill out, together. Do the mate thing. Sure we'd pick a few bones and chew the fat, but we could share cheese and a nice nip cream dipping sauce. Well I would. purrs

Maybe I'll just have a nap instead, seems a shame to miss out on a good sun puddle, and I'm bound to see some more pals in a bit. In fact I know Mr and Mrs Black flew back today from their holidays, as I saw them down on the allotment, digging up something wholesome for their young family's tea.

Now they're a lovely couple, always busy flitting here, there, and everywhere. And if they're not gossipping they'll be singing a fine tune to liven the community. Seems like a great life, and you'd say that they were a happy couple, but there have been more than a few arguments I can tell you.

In fact just last week, and she caught him flirting with a young neighbour. Well, you have never seen the like, all sense had left the pair of them, and they were flying at each other. Oh and the language, it was terrible and I just cant repeat it, this being a family blog and all, and the fact I just didn't understand it, but it was so bad that it woke me from my morning committee meeting. MOUSES!

And then of course there were more than a few arguments with the neighbours during spring. I had to break up one ruckus when someone made improper advances towards Mrs Black! Now as I do take my responsibility as Princess very seriously, I went on down there and waited my moment and did what any upstanding Princess would do, I jumped in!

Strange thing is though, having saved Mrs Black's honour from a dastardly interloper, Mr and Mrs Black seemed positively frightened and fled the scene without even a 'Thank you kind Princess' I'd have settled for a peck on the cheek even!

In the end it turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, something to do with time of the year and hormones, which I know can get the better of everyone from time to time. purrs

Still, no harm done and it gave me something to do before lunch. Talking of which, I do believe it's just about time for mine. I'll just head on in and see what Chef has been preparing. purrs

Hmm. You know a Princess can get depressed by the same old same old kibble. You'd have thought that on my day off, the one day I get to show my true inner self, the gentle kind and caring me, my feminine side, that the chef would do something a bit more appetising than kibble.

OK so on a working day I get to bring home a mini mouse or a black bird of some description, but that is work, and kibble is well an easy feed for peep.

But on my day off it would be nice to sit down to a roast meal, and then have afternoon tea, with a nip scone, and with cream scones for afters. Then round the evening off with a Niptini by the fireside whilst recounting adventures to all my furry and feathered friends.

Oh how the pressures of work drive a claw between the life we must lead and that we want.

I can't really say I blame Minnie mouse and her 34 kids, probably 40 by now, and Mr and Mrs Blackbird, from coming by. I mean, would you stop by for tea when ordinarily you are the tea?

Oh well, I shall just sit in my tower a bit longer, and dream of a few pals....

****** Sniffling and snuffling sounds ******

Seems like the nights are drawing in even quicker these days, so it won't be long till the next shift starts. A new day for me, and back to being the hunter killer scourge of miscreants across the land, though thankfully NOT across the moat, that's the Kraken's domain, and a grand job she does too.

Hmm, there's an idea, I wonder when her day off is? Maybe we could double up and have a girls day out? Paint the town red, and Kraken Green, of course!


This post is dedicated to Fiona, and Sammy, and all those who passed over the Rainbow Bridge this week. They will be greatly missed. E


I wish to thank the wonderful Ann, of Zoolatry, for the lovely New Christmas Banner for my blog. Quite the Christmas feel!


Many thanks to the Kitties Blue, over at The Cat on My Head blog, for hosting this wonderful weekly celebration of fun and friendship. I for one, and one of many, am extremely grateful for having this chance to meet such fine folk.

This weeks selfie is also an easy of yours truly taking a power nap, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the very large lunch and bowl of cream...... OK maybe just a little!